Boys Behind the Wheel
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The Allstate Foundation’s 2009 report on teenaged drivers found that girls are getting more aggressive behind the wheel, but boys are still at risk.

Text messaging is a distraction to nearly half of all teenaged drivers, and 82% use cell phones while driving (for what it’s worth, in our state it’s illegal for anyone to text while driving, and teenagers are only allowed to talk with their parents when they’re behind the wheel).

The information on girls is interesting, but apart from the comparison, Allstate found about 69% of boys fiddle with the radio while driving; 36% admit to speeding more that 10 mph over the limit; and 46% have been in a car crash.

Allstate also found that 65% of teenagers believe that they’re good drivers, but only 23% think it’s true of the rest of teens. In other words, “I’m okay, you’re not” — definitely an attitude to watch out for in our sons!