A Young Hero
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We’ve done over 20 radio interviews in the past couple of weeks and the number one question we’ve been asked is “What do you mean by real men?” We tell them that it’s not about wrestling alligators or growing chest hair, but it’s about doing your duty and living out the calling of God for your life. It’s about exhibiting the manly virtues. You remember, those out-of-fashion for boys, but still respected things for men: courage, fortitude, boldness, adventurousness – things like that.

Did you read about the young man in California who saw a car run off the road and get stuck on a railroad track? Todd McHugh, 17,  dashed out of his own vehicle and ran to help. He found two girls and a stunned mother who’d fallen asleep at the wheel.  He was helping them out of their car when another passerby started yelling that a train was coming and ran to flag it down. McHugh, the young Good Samaritan, helped the family to shelter behind his truck just seconds before the train totaled their vehicle.

Todd said that he didn’t do more than anyone else would have done, and I wish that were so. That’s the kind of thing a real man does. He sees a need, he shows initiative and courage, he does what needs to be done.