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Raising Real Men…….Surviving, Teaching, and Appreciating Boys
Written by Hal and Melanie Young

I had pre-ordered this book and was so very excited to receive it in the mail last week. And I thought it was really cool that the authors signed the book! I just finished it today and can say that I LOVED it! It’s a great read for parents who what to raise up Godly MEN from the boys their families have been blessed with. It’s so full of practical, Godly advice on how to raise sons. The Youngs have 6 boys (and 2 girls), so they have many examples of what has worked (or not) for them. The part I appreciated most about the book was that with every example they gave, they went back to the Scriptures to back it up or explain why certain things are the way they are. My boys are sure different than I am (the only girl in this house) and so much of what they do and think, I just don’t understand. This book helped me to be able to get into their minds just a little bit and it explained a quite a few things to me! It gave very specific, useful advice on how to use those “boy differences” to help them succeed. It was a very enjoyable read, I even laughed out loud a few times! Ah, so my boys aren’t the ONLY ones who do that!! : ) I know that I will be reading and rereading this book for many years to come. I’m actually wanting to read through it again right now, because it was really full of so many good ideas that I want to be sure I gain as much as possible from it now.

One of my favorite quotes from the book goes along with the title of this blog and really speaks to what we want for our boys. Page 222 “We don’t aim to hold on to our arrows all the way to the target. They’re not push-pins, they’re meant to fly. Our job is to shape and prepare the arrows so when they are released, they fly straight and true on their own. The time is coming when they will leave our quiver and depart on their life’s mission, as we have to prepare then – and ourselves – for that launch.”

Do you have boys?? If so, I’d encourage you to read this book – you won’t regret it!

Corina Garayua

Arrows in the Hand