A Real Man and Teamwork
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A couple of weeks ago, during the Homeschool Football League playoffs, something happened that reminded me of the value of team sports and team projects:

During one of the hottest games for their team, a running play to the right was called. The team’s star running back started off to the right sideline, but when he turned up field, found several defenders trying to hem him in. Meanwhile, the team’s left tackle pancaked a defensive lineman, then turned to find another man to block. The running back glanced left, and saw an open lane. He cut back into it, heading for the left corner of the endzone about fifteen yards upfield. Two defenders chased him from behind, one within tackling distance, one a few yards behind. The left tackle saw his running back coming back towards him, lowered a shoulder, and threw a block on the nearest defender.

Without the defender on his heels, the running back easily scored a touchdown. He handed the ball to the ref, and trotted back to the huddle. Knowing the the linemen go through a lot without the glory of scoring touchdowns or catching long passes, he looked the tackle in the eye, and simply said, “That was you.”

Amen. Our boys need to learn that God has given each of us a unique job to do and unique gifts to do it with. One may be good at math and another at writing; one may have a job that brings a lot of glory and one may be unknown outside his family, but regardless, if they do the Lord’s will, if they do their best, they’ll earn the highest of all awards: “Welcome, my good and faithful servant.”

Team activities, whether a team of brothers doing a chore or a team of players on a football field, teach our boys to do their personal best, and often to pick up the slack for others, too, while sharing the success or defeat. It’s a valuable lesson to do all things as unto the Lord, not for our personal glory, and to behave with grace and humility.  Good job, guys!