Salute to a Real Man
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We received word today that our friend, Chris Klicka, a long-time attorney for Home School Legal Defense Association, passed away this morning after a long battle with multiple sclerosis.

Chris adopted the homeschooling issue as a young attorney, before he was even married, and has traveled around the world promoting and defending home education across the globe. He helped our family personally when Hal was president of North Carolinians for Home Education, coming alongside when Hal was dealing with a journalistic attack by a major network, giving frank and Godly counsel to avert a potential liability- and public relations disaster on another occasion, and always reaching out to lift us up in prayer and encouragement during difficult pregnancies and other challenges we faced. Hundreds of others can give similar testimony of Chris’ touch on their lives.

In early August we asked Chris if he’d review Raising Real Men; when his MS took a sudden turn for much worse, we dropped the matter. To our surprise, he still read the book and wrote us a very positive recommendation, just six weeks before his death. This was ironic in some ways, as one of the very first books we read after we started homeschooling years ago was Chris’ own Homeschooling: The Right Choice; now, in the midst of his own suffering, he was still reaching out to encourage fellow writers. We are honored.

Chris leaves a faithful wife, Tracy, and a quiver full of children. We are praying for the Klickas still with us, but we rejoice that after so long, Chris is free at last in the presence of the Savior he served. Rest in perfect peace, Brother, and thank you.