An Example for Our Boys – Admiral Farragut
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Admiral David Farragut is quite an example for our sons. He commanded his first ship at the age of 12 – a prize – and successfully stood up to the British captain who refused to submit to him as a prisoner. You can re ad about it in his own words in this book by his son: The life of David Farragut: first admiral of the United States Navy. This incident begins at the bottom of page 25. Here’s just a sample of Farragut’s journal:

“I decided that my day of trial had arrived (for I was a little afraid of the old fellow, as every one else was). But the time had come for me to at least play the man; so I mustered up courage and informed the Captain I wanted the main topsail filled away…”

Go to the link to find out how the prisoner-captain responded. This is soul-stirring stuff to read to your boys! Inspire them with some real heroism…