Win a Poem Written in Your Honor

by Hal | August 14th, 2012

Have you ever wanted a poem written in your honor? During the heights of the Renaissance, artists, poets, and composers were often supported by noblemen and royalty, in return for masterful works of art being completed in the patron’s honor.

Well…. tonight might just be your chance to play the role of one of those patrons. Independent Christian musician and Singer-songwriter Matthew Henry Young (yes, our third son!) is sponsoring this giveaway.
Matthew will write a poem in honor of the winner, on a topic of YOUR CHOOSING! (Within reason and moral bounds, of course)
He’ll then hand write it on high-quality acid free paper, frame it, and mail it to you! Enter to win below!

  • Margarete

    The love that I have for my husband and 8 children. That no matter what goes on in their lives they are the loves of my life and that Jesus will always be with them through thick and thin. :)

  • Melisa Hills


  • zekesmom10

    Our tenth wedding anniversary is coming up in a month. How could I not request somthing related to that? :)

  • carrie

    Well, I haven’t given it too much thought yet, but i would like something that could be used at a child dedication at church. (I know it is usually a baby dedication, but my son is almost 3). :)

  • Sharon

    It so hard to decide! I guess I will pick my whole family: my husband, my 2 boys, and my parents who have helped tremendously through this last year.

  • Andrea

    A poem about our Joshua age 7 would be alot of fun…. ~!

  • .ambre.

    I would probably choose to have it written about being a Mother with some of my children in heaven…

  • Dawn F

    Something for my MIL’s 70th birthday that is coming up next spring.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Something for my husband so he could hang it in his office.

  • Jessica

    Something celebrating motherhood. :)

  • Melissa

    I would choose a topic that would cover everyone in our family and how God has impacted our lives and given us a heart for orphans.

  • Sandy

    My husband is running for Sheriff in our County … I would have it written about either him as the candidate or myself as the candidate’s wife.

  • Jalynn Patterson

    Being the best mom I can be.

  • Jessica Fjbkjbjkn


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