Ultimate Back to School Expo
Ultimate Back to School Homeschool Expo--2011 Ticket --50+ audios, Homeschool Encouragement all year long, teen track with sessions by homeschool grads such as Israel Wayne, Tyler Hogan and Christina (Gerwitz) Moss. (more…)
Philosophy Adventure
Home School Adventure Co. will soon release Philosophy Adventure, a program designed to help students grades 6th-12th cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of philosophy and the impact of ideas. Most of us underestimate the relevance of philosophy.…
Ultimate Homeschool Expo
One 100+ Ultimate Homeschool Expo ticket -- Over 100 audios, Original Song for homeschool moms, handouts, coupon offers from our speakers and sponsors. Homeschool Convention without leaving home! Speakers include Andrew Pudewa, Hal and Melonie Young, Cathy Duffy, Felice Gerwitz, Cindy Rushton, Kim Kautzer, Maggie Hogan, and so many more! (more…)
Preschool Beginning Notebook Set
Do you have little ones who need some special things they can do for homeschool? Gentle Shepherd is offering: Preschool Beginning Notebook Set I  is an e-book with 15 full-color print-out pages for early learning—read more about this unique product here: (more…)
My Audio School Subscription
My Audio School offers children safe and easy access to classic audio books, interesting educational old time radio drama, and television and radio broadcasts of historic events. My Audio School is a treasure trove for the classical educator, with over 600 distinct audio resources currently available for subscribers, including over 350 full-length downloadable audio books.…
Christmas Lapbook & Study Guide
  Christmas Lapbook and Study Guide Snuggle up on the couch with the kids this holiday season and make the holidays exciting with this Christmas Lapbook with Study Guide. Lapbooks are fun for children of all ages and a great way to have hands-on fun! (more…)
Carnival of Homeschooling
The longer we homeschool, the more we realize that homeschooling isn't merely about spelling, math and history. It's really about Life, the Universe and Everything, but not quite the way Douglas Adams meant it! (more…)
Art for Boys! A Review of Simply Draw with Bob Parsons
Several of my boys are constantly drawing, so when Timberdoodle, one of our favorite suppliers, asked us if we'd like to review a new art curriculum, I thought, "Great!"and evidently, my boys thought so, too. When Simply Draw with Bob Parsons arrived at our house, there was great excitement, but I wouldn't let them open…
How Much For A Diploma?
A bumper sticker says, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."  Most people agree on the value of education.  The Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank in Raleigh, N.C., just completed a study of the cost.  How much does it take to provide a K-12 education? How about $122,478 ? That's median per-pupil expense for thirteen years in the…
Ask For The Old Paths
God told the prophet Jeremiah, "Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way [is], And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls." (Jeremiah 6:16) That's spiritual advice, but it's wisdom to consider in everyday things, too.  Here's a story from Britain that says…