Revolutions/Modern (1756-1763): With Wolfe in Canada (G.A. Henty Audiobook)


A Tale of the French and Indian War, 1756-1763.
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With Wolfe in Canada

Setting:  AD 1756-1763 – North America – French and Indian War.

Story: Shortly before the United States Revolutionary war against England, most inhabitants were her loyal subjects.  France had control of much of southern Canada and the “western” lands of the current states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Skirmishes abounded for years between English settlers pushing west and French settlers and her Indian accomplices.  The Seven Years War in Europe spilled over to the colonies, where General Wolfe finally defeated the French in Quebec.  Includes depictions of the battles of Forts Duquesne and Necessity in Pennsylvania, and Forts Ticonderoga and William Henry in New York, and Quebec in Canada.

When people ask us for recommendations for good books for boys, our first thought is usually G.A. Henty. Why? His heroes are fantastic role models of the manly virtues, yet likeable and adventurous and every bit of the history you learn is real. Henty was an Army officer, war correspondent, a historian who began telling these stories to his own children. He was known for writing with stacks of primary source documents surrounding him and you’ll be hard pressed to find a historical error of any kind. And they are just plain fun!

Written in the late 1900s, the language can be a bit challenging for some boys (but it’s so good for them), so we recommend audiobooks! Our friend Jim Hodges does a wonderful unabridged version (you don’t want to miss a word!) and we are delighted to sell them!

These are the books the Youngs grew up on — enjoy!

~Hal & Melanie Young


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