Teaching the Right-Brained Child DVD & Study Guide

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A 2-hour training DVD and study guide teaching you free, effective teaching strategies for Phonics/Reading, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Spelling and Math.


Are you working with a Right Brain Child? A right Brian child does not learn easily using traditional left-brain curriculum. They need learning to be stickier!
This is a “Teacher Training” DVD.  Have your child watch it with you. Many times parents say their child/teen feels so empowered by watching the DVD because they see how smart they really are!
Who needs Right Brain Strategies?
  • Kids with Auditory Processing Problems
  • Kids with Attention and Focusing Problems
  • Kids with Underdeveloped Memory Strategies
  • Kids for whom nothing else is working

Make learning easier this year!! Help your child feel as smart as he really is by teaching to their strength!

In this 2-hour training DVD, you will learn free, effective teaching strategies, such as:

1. Spelling

  • Without phonics! Train your child’s “photographic memory”
  • Teach the “word storage” technique that Spelling Bee winners use.


2. Math

  • Use pictures, color, weird and story to make math facts stick!
  • Make test taking easier by making math processes (division, feactions, algebra) easy to remember by adding Right Brain methods
  • Check out Dianne’s Visual Number Cards, Multiplication Flash Cards, and Right Brain Math DVD for more help

3. Reading Comprehension


4. Phonics

  • Learn to store the sound and picture together for easier retrieval.
  • Turn kids from elementary to teens from “word guessers” into confident readers
  • Look into Dianne Craft’s Right-Brained Phonics Card and Right-Brained Phonics Book for easier implementation of this approach


5. Vocabulary

  • Place the word and picture together for long term memory.
  • No writing and much more fun!

6. Following Directions

  • Help for oral and written directions.

7.  Study Skills

  • Makes test-taking easier (Used by students at Cambridge University)
  • Take “picture notes” for history, science, grammar… or anything!


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