Rubberband Gun – AR-15

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A great modern-style gun that shoots 12 rubberbands without reloading!

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Historically-Inspired Rubberband Guns

Fires 12 Rubberbands without Reloading!

Guns are made in America of solid wood (the stock is a single block!) and are solid and strong enough even for a family full of boys!

This rubberband gun is made in America from a solid block of poplar. It’s inspired by the Armalite Rifle 15 and is the modern version of the M-16.

AR-15, 28.75 inches, with ammo.

Uses BLUE ammo. Comes with a small pack of ammo FREE!

Additional information

Weight 17.8 oz
Dimensions 28.75 x 7.75 x 1.5 in


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