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Make a gift to support Raising Real Men’s mission – making Biblical family life practical. Thank you for partnering with us!

Note: Donations are not tax-deductible. We have chosen to pay taxes on ministry income rather than deal with the paperwork burden and limitations on what we can do and say.


Since 2009, we have been traveling across the U.S. and Canada, speaking at churches, conferences, and other events, to encourage and equip families to live by the Word of God. We don’t claim to have “One Weird Trick for Raising Perfect Kids” or “Five Steps To A Blissful Marriage.” We don’t deal in checklists and rule-making. Instead, we want families to embrace the freedom of living in God’s grace, following His principles with joy — always remembering that He is God, and none of us are!

And when we’re not traveling, we write, we podcast, we teach online. We’re working on our tenth book right now. Our podcasts are downloaded over a thousand times a week. Over six hundred families have joined one of our online classes. Tens of thousands of people follow us on social media, our newsletter subscriptions continue to grow … and we get feedback like this:

  • “Thank you so much…your book and webinar made a real difference in our home.” – Mother of preteen boys
  • Your website and podcast have been inspirational for me. … Thanks again for spreading your light of encouragement.” – Podcast listener
  • “We needed this weekend so much! … I haven’t felt this well-rested and energized about my marriage in at least three years.” – Come Away Marriage Retreat
  • “You have no idea the impact you’ve had on our family.” – Canadian convention guest

You can be a part of this outreach! 


We attend a small-but-growing church which gives us enthusiastic support in the spiritual realm but doesn’t have the means to provide regular financial help. We keep the lights on and the wheels turning through speaking honoraria and sales from our book table and website. It’s very seasonal, though, and we find that much of our time and attention is consumed by the day-to-day operation of the business side of our ministry.

We’re not complaining! God has allowed us to touch the lives of thousands of families through books, articles, presentations, and media. We’ve spoken in 36 states and 3 Canadian provinces. We love what God has allowed us to do, and we are going to continue writing, teaching, and counseling as freely as we can!

But with regular support from our patrons, we hope to hire out more routine tasks, to free us up for the more creative, productive, and effective part of this outreach … to operate more in our calling, you know. We hope to finish more projects, repair more things at home, spend more time writing. To be more effective at the task God has given us. Patrons have made that possible for content creators throughout history. They are an essential part of the ministry.

If you can’t afford to help, we understand – we’ve been there! We hope you can find help and encouragement through the things we offer online or in person, and we hope you’ll pray for us.

But if you can help, and you’d like to be part of this exciting, family-to-family mission, here’s an easy way to do it.

To make a one-time gift, select an option here and check out through our secure website.  (If you prefer to mail a donation, email us at info (at) raisingrealmen (dot) com and we’ll walk through the process with you.)

Note: Donations are not tax-deductible. We have chosen to pay taxes on ministry income rather than deal with the paperwork burden and limitations on what we can do and say.

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