Craftsman Crate: The Pysanky Crate


Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs are beautifully complex and a historic Christian art!

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Most of us are familiar with solid color Easter eggs. People in Eastern Europe, and particularly in Ukraine, practice a far more complex decoration. Pysanky, from the Ukrainian pysaty, to write, is the art of adding intricate designs to eggs using a wax resist, or batik, method.

Pysanky is found in early Ukrainian history, but when Christianity was accepted in 988, the eggs were quickly incorporated into Resurrection Day celebrations and were thought to bring blessings on people, homes, livestock, and crops. Pysanky eggs were a central element in Ukrainian culture until the art was suppressed during the Soviet era. Artisans continued the practice in secret until Ukraine regained its independence in 1991. Since then the art has had a tremendous resurgence.

Learn more about this fascinating history in The Pysanky Crate!

The Pysanky Crate Contains:

Instructions and Patterns – From real experts at the Ukrainian Gift Shop.

Gloves and KN95 Mask – Personal protective gear will keep you safe; wear it!

Blown Eggs – We include two blown eggs to start, but you can make more yourself!

Pencil – Plan and mark your design with this, but don’t use an eraser!

Kistka – This traditional wax pen uses a funnel made in Ukraine.

Beeswax – Used to resist the dyes and form your patterns.

Candle and Candle Holder – Melts the wax in your kistka.

Pysanky Dyes – Five bright traditional colors of aniline dye.

Vinegar – Helps dyes set permanently. Not all dye colors use it, so check the labels.

Spoon, Paper Towels, cotton swabs – To use with the pysanky dyes.

Wire – Use to clean out the kistka, to hang your eggs or to form a stand.


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