Craftsman Crate: The Punched Tin Crate


The Punched Tin Crate teaches you an artisanal skill practiced for hundreds of years in the production of tin lanterns and decorations.

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Nearly three hundred years ago, the Pattison brothers set sail from Ireland to America. They were tinsmiths and inaugurated the tin industry in the Colonies, designing and creating pierced ware and peddling it throughout the area. We’ve all heard of blacksmiths, but the Pattisons were whitesmiths, who worked in cold metal rather than using heat as an ironmonger might. They and other tinsmiths in the Colonial period made punched tin lanterns, panels for pie safes and other cabinetry, fireplace ware like foot warmers, and toleware. Toleware pieces are tin boxes hand-painted with flowers or other botanical designs, from the French tole peinte, or painted tin.

The Tin Punch Crate Contains:

Instructions and Patterns

Tin Punches – a variety of tin punches to make the actual marks.

Mallet – the mallet is used to drive the punches into the tin and to pound down sharp edges on the reverse side.

Tape – used to adhere the pattern to the surface to be punched.

Wood Block – place this under the area to be punched to protect your table and to keep your tin flat.

Practice Tin – this small piece of tin plate is provided to give you a surface to experiment on.

Tin Plate – two tin plate pieces that can you can use to create decorative punched tin panels for display.

Wallet Tins – two tins with lids, punched tin projects that you can use every day.


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Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 13.2 x 9.2 x 2.75 in


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