Craftsman Crate: The Book Vault Crate


Book Vaults have long been used to hide valuables in plain sight. Make two book vaults finished and ready to hold your secrets!

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There have always been things that people needed to keep safe by locking away or hiding them. Money, valuable deeds, expensive jewelry, and secret papers are all things better concealed from the wrong people. Putting valuables under lock and key or even under guard are some ways of protecting them, but there are others. Secret drawers in furniture or secret panels have been used, as well as safes concealed in furniture or in a wall behind a picture. When books became less expensive and more commonplace, they also became used as “diversion safes” or places that were secure not because of locks, but because no one would look there. Imagine rifling through thousands of books in a nobleman’s library in the hopes of finding one with a secret compartment! These book safes or book vaults are often cunning creations of master crafters.

The Book Vault Crate Contains:

Two Hardback Books

White Glue

Ruler and Pencil

Utility Knife

Craft Knife

Plastic Bag, Wax Paper, Card Stock, Rubber Band, and Spring Clamp


Balsa Wood, Velvet, and Magnet Closures


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Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 13.2 x 9.2 x 2.75 in


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