Here is Your High School Resource Pack!

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Here’s Homeschooling High School!

Here’s our Editable High School Transcript Template!

Here’s our College Decision Resource Packet! 

Here’s a $10 coupon to our master class for teens and their parents — PreFlight, because just like a pilot does a preflight checklist before taking off, you need to make sure you and your teen are doing all you ought to prepare for adulthood! Just use the coupon HighSchoolHelp at check out (and if your children aren’t that age yet, you can use the coupon on Boyhood Bootcamp or Boot Camp 9-12 instead!)

BONUS: Craftsman Crate is a subscription box like you’ve never seen before – one that can even be used for high school credit! Subscribers learn artisanal skills and their history, get real tools they can keep using, and find everything they need in each crate – no trips to the store. Give credit for Art, Arts and Crafts, Folk Art, or Shop, but they’ll love it no matter what you call it. Get $20 off a 3 month or longer subscription with the coupon code cratetwenty!


Hal & Melanie