Can We Get Your Vote for Love, Honor, and Virtue?


This is the book we wrote by request – so many of our friends and readers asked for a resource they could trust to help their sons understand sexuality and purity in a Christian worldview.

And now, it’s up for a book award!

Love, Honor, and Virtue has been nominated for the Christian Indie Book Award (formerly the Christian Small Publishers “Book of the Year”). This award is based on votes from publishers, booksellers, readers – anyone interested in promoting books from independent Christian publishers – and we’d love to get your support!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Sign in on the voting page HERE

2. Scroll down to the Relationships/Family category – or CLICK HERE – and find Love, Honor, and Virtue (it’s at the bottom of the category)

3.  Click on the button to make your selection, then


4.  Scroll to the bottom (or CLICK HERE and scroll a little more) and click to SUBMIT VOTES

But don’t delay – voting ends March 31! We thank you for your support!

Are you looking for a Biblical resource to help your son with the challenges and temptations of being single?  Our book Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality is frank, direct, concise – and Scriptural.

In less than a hundred pages, we open up how God created sexuality – how the biology works – the chaos that sin and Satan bring to sex – how to repent and come back to God’s high road – and best of all, how to build a God-honoring relationship with a young woman! Available in print, audiobook, and downloadable formats too – CLICK HERE to find out more!