Unpleasant People at Thanksgiving?

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While the web wizards sort out a technical problem at the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, we wanted to go ahead and share some timely ideas to our listeners. We’ll be back on our usual channels soon, but in the meantime, here’s the current edition of Making Biblical Family Life Practical:



This has been a pretty divisive election season – the Gallup pollsters found in the days just before the vote, that nearly a third of us were voting against the other candidate, not in favor of the one we were marking! So there are a lot of stunned and stung people out there, and no doubt, some of them will be at Thanksgiving Dinner with you.

Now what?

Your feast of gratitude toward God doesn’t have to become a shouting match …┬ábut it may take some thought, some planning, and some grace-filled diplomacy to keep the conversation on track! This episode, we talk about some practical ways to show love to people you don’t agree with for the holidays.

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