Celebrate Independence Day!
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Are you worried about our country? Lots of people are. Awhile back on our podcast, Making Family Life Practical we gave an answer to our friends posting on social media that they are so worried about our country that they don’t really feel like celebrating the Fourth of July.

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MBFLP - Celebrating the Fourth When You are Worried

Is it even okay for a Christian to celebrate Independence Day? We’ve heard Christians arguing that we should not because the American Revolution was a rebellion. Is that true? That’s certainly the way King George saw it, but that’s not what the Christians of the day thought. They argued that since the signing of the Magna Charta, Britain had been a nation ruled by laws, not a man. King George had violated those laws that even he was subject to, that he had broken his side of the governing covenant and the Colonies were free to leave. They believed they were loyal to a higher authority than King George.

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