Celebrate Presidents Day with a Free Download!

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Here’s a neat resource you can download for free and share with your sons in honor of Presidents Day — examples from the lives of great men who have led our country!

Several years before he became our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt and his friend Henry Cabot Lodge wrote a collection of stories to teach character and patriotism to children. Their book Hero Tales From American History was meant

“to tell in simple fashion the story of some Americans who knew how to live and how to die; who proved their truth by their endeavor; and who joined to the stern and manly qualities … the virtues of gentleness, of patriotism, and of lofty adherence to an ideal.”

For Presidents Day, why not take a new look at the lives of our presidents?

These audio selections from our Hero Tales audiobooks have music and sound effects to engage even your youngest kids,
and we’d like to offer them to you for free:

  • The Life of George Washington outlines the story of his childhood in colonial Virginia, his rise to leadership through many challenges and setbacks, and the remarkable character of the man we call “The Father of His Country”
  • Washington and the Battle of Trenton describes how that character helped Washington turn a series of battlefield disasters into the legendary Delaware River crossing and the turning point which energized the faltering Revolution
  • Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans recounts how a frontier lawyer-turned-militia captain defended his country against invasion, whipped the British regulars who beat Napoleon–and gained a national reputation that led him to the White House
  • John Quincy Adams and the Right of Petition is a remarkable story of a true public servant, unashamed to return to Washington as a congressman after being president, whose quiet persistence on a point of order kept up pressure against the permanent acceptance of slavery.
  • Ulysses S. Grant at Vicksburg illustrates how a soldier who barely graduated West Point and failed at nearly every business he tried, developed the determination and focus to overcome all kinds of obstacles–and ultimately bring the Civil War to an end.



… And if you like these stories as much as we did,
you can hear the rest of them in our audiobook series, Hero Tales from American History!

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This set of five cds (or mp3 downloads!) will take you from the colonial era to the Civil War, and include music from the time and authentic sound effects (including historic machinery, period weapons, and actual Confederate soldiers) to make Roosevelt and Lodge even more entertaining!

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