Q: What do we do when we can’t get away for our anniversary – not even for dinner out?
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I need help and ideas for our wedding anniversary at home tomorrow…here’s the kickers: we are currently staying at an RV park in our camper trailer. We have three daughters and three sons. My husband will be at work tomorrow and I will have the car, but money is limited….ideas for what we can do to show my husband/man of this family how much we like and appreciate him and how thankful I am thy he chose me as his wife?!?!???? Please HELP!

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We love romantic anniversary celebrations, but sometimes it’s just not possible, is it? We’ve had a few of those ourselves and actually they turned out just wonderfully! Here are some of the things we’ve done or thought about doing that might make your day special even without the couple’s getaway:

Celebrating Your Anniversary When Couple Time

First, remember that your anniversary is about more than romance, it’s the birthday of your family! It’s really a day important to everyone, it’s the day your family was founded. Tell everyone about it. Make signs. Decorate.

Get out your photos and video and look at them together as a family. It’ll remind you of funny stories (NOT mentioning any here in case some of the perpetrators are reading this!) – and touching ones. Laugh at the changes in fashion. Explain the wedding service and vows to your children. You may be surprised how new this all is to them. How wonderful for them to learn about it in the context of their own family!

Tell the story of how you found each other and how you came to be married. It’s fun to tell it together, with each of you sharing your perspective. Did you make mistakes that you can’t gloss over? Admit it and explain you’ve repented. You don’t need to share details. The story, though, is something so sweet to share with the children!

Show appreciation for each other. Warn everyone in advance that they’ll need to share something they like or love about their parents. During the celebration, each of you share something you love about your mate, then allow the children to share what they love about their parents. It’s precious!

Do some art. Get out the construction paper and art supplies and let your children make cards for you.

Have a feast. Brainstorm together and find something special to make for a family celebration meal. Can’t afford it? Get something inexpensive and fun for the children and something special for you guys and let them set you a gorgeous table and serve you (then run off to enjoy a video and their treat). Worry about the mess tomorrow.

Do dessert. You can go with the traditional chocolate or you can bake a birthday cake for your family. How many candles will you need?

We’ll never forget our children’s response to doing this. They began to understand we were actually people! People with a story that started before they were on the earth. They appreciated their parents more and their family more. You know what? We had a great time, too!

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