Boy Secrets: School – What to Do About the Wiggles?

Boy Secrets Get Him Moving


This is one of the hardest lessons for a mother of boys to learn. We just think, Buckle down for a little while and we’ll be done. Why can’t you just concentrate for a few more minutes?

What we’ve got to remember is that after a certain point, it’s taking all his energy and concentration to just sit still — there’s nothing left to learn with!

If instead, we tell him to “Give me ten on the stairs!” or “Do ten push-ups” or something else active, his blood gets pumping, he wakes up and he sits back down ready to learn. Research confirms it.

We used to be afraid that we were rewarding his wiggling with a break, but soon found that if we didn’t take a break, we didn’t keep working, either. We just both got more and more frustrated.

God made boys energetic because one day they’re going to have to be able to work hard all day to support their family and still come home with the energy to love his wife and children, lead his family, work in his church, and minister in his community. That takes a lot of energy! We need to work with it, instead of just wishing they’d be still. Try it!

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Hal & Melanie Young

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