Another Piece of the Puzzle?

by Melanie | November 26th, 2012

We’ve been talking lately about the growing number of late-twenty-somethings we know who would like to be married, but there isn’t even a hint on the horizon. What’s up?  One article we ran across last week thinks the culture is to blame. The author suggests that women just aren’t women any more and men don’t like the change. Read it here. What do you think?

One Response to “Another Piece of the Puzzle?”

  1. Women are partly to blame but I also believe men hold a large part of the responsibility. Why did the feminist movement gain traction in the late 50’s, early 60’s? I believe that the way women were treated in the 50’s is partly responsible. How many single mothers (many of them widowed by ww2) were in the workforce and forced to take lower wages then men and deal with sexual harassment in order to keep their jobs? It happened. Certainly most women weren’t in the workforce but for those that were, often because they had no one else to provide for them, it was tough. There were also men suffering from PTSD who abused their wives and society (including the Church) turned a blind eye. That kind of mistreatment of women gave the feminist movement cover for their un-Biblical ideas. As Christians we need to be introducing those around us to Christ and then disciple new believers in Godly principles. More Christian men and women who are discipled and living by Biblical principles will naturally change the culture. Ultimately the Gospel is the only effective solution.

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