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This party is going to be a little bit different… It’s a PROGRESSIVE FACEBOOK PARTY! Learn more:Meet us on Tuesday, August 14th:

From 7:00-8:00pm Eastern, we’ll be hanging out on Twitter with the hashtag #RRMFB.


From 8:00 to 8:45pm Eastern, we’ll be at the Raising Real Men Facebook Page with Giveaways here atRaisingRealMen.com!


From 8:45 to 9:30pm Eastern, we’ll be at the Hopeful Stories Facebook Page (the page of one of our new authors, Hope Auer), with giveways on our new book’s page: A Cry From Egypt!


From 9:30-10:15pm Eastern, we’ll be at the Children in Church Page (the other new book we’re publishing), with giveaways on the Children in Church website!


Learn more about how to participate and the companies sponsoring giveaways here.


You are welcome to go ahead and start enjoying the Party Favors below — they are free for everyone! Well over $50 of value!

Hal & Melanie Young

Peace Creek on the Prairie’s Homeschool Forms

Lots of printable homeschool forms designed my a homeschool mom for her family.  From lesson planning pages, to book report and field trip forms, there is a form to meet most needs in the homeschool family.



Blessed is the Man – The First Unit

The complete first unit of the premier unit study devoted to helping high school age boys become mighty men of God. Contains all instructions and enough activities for a couple of months of school work, covering all basic school subjects as well as Bible and Christian character. Developed by Lynda Coats.

Learn more at the Unit Study Emporium


Tried and Proven Teaching Techniques,

mp3 download by master teacher, Joyce Herzog, of The Scaredy Cat Reading System andLearning in Spite of Labels.She also offers us a host of free resources at her website here!


Biography Lapbook

from A Journey Through Learning

It is so much fun to read the biography of a person that is well known. A Journey Through Learning made it even more fun with this hands-on approach to biographies! This 2-folder lapbook provides 17 mini-booklets in which your child can record the information he learns about the person he/she chooses to read about.Add the Instant Download to the Cart, on the Check Out Page, enter coupon code raisingmen and it will make this lapbook free!

$11 Value!

Boys’ Book of Battles from Heritage History

This downloadable e-book brings eleven of the most important battles in American and European History to life. The author spends enough time giving interesting background and detailed information to give each battle vital and lively interest. Particularly moving are three eye-witness accounts of the horrors of the Great War, at Verdun, Ypres, and Argonne. Other battles recounted include Saratoga, Yorktown, and Gettysburg in America, and Sedan, Austerlitz, and Waterloo in Europe.  Several different e-book versions are available so they can be read on any e-reader, tablet, or computer.

Vocabulary Bridges from English to Latin and Greek by Harvey Bluedorn of Trivium PursuitMost of what we speak and read is Latin and Greek. As much as 80% of English Vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek. If we could recognize the Latin and Greek in English, we would understand our own language better. Understanding English vocabulary from the perspective of Latin and Greek roots gives us the advantage of:1. An increase in working vocabulary.
2. Greater refinement in the choice of words.
3. Greater accuracy in the use of words.
4. Greater appreciation of the way words are constructed.
5. Greater accuracy in spelling.
6. Ability to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar words.
7. Preparation for the formal study of Latin and Greek grammar.Students ages ten through adult can use this consumable workbook.$8 Value!

 Complete Map Trek Ancient World from Knowledge Quest

We are giving away the complete Map Trek: Ancient World. This is not a sampler or a teaser, but the whole Ancient World ebook. Try it and if you would like to collect any of the other time periods, now is a great time to do so. Use coupon code MT25 to save 25% on any Map Trek ebook, CD-ROM or hardcover edition between now and 8/24/12 at midnight.

$14.95 Value!

I just love this product! – Melanie

   George Frideric Handel Studyfrom Classical Composers MonthlyMake this the year that you share classical music with your children!  Try our Handel composer resource for FREE!

Dramatic Historic Radio Productions

My Audio School is giving away several educational old time radio theater downloads, including episodes from You are There, and dramatic radio productions of Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice, the life of Louis Pasteur, the Railroad Builders, and more!


Remediation and Accomodation for the Dyslexic Child

In addition to the old time radio downloads, Molly is sharing her teaching podcast Remediation and Accommodation for the Dyslexic Child, in which she shares tips which can help struggling learners strengthen areas of weakness while soaring in areas of strength.

Use Password RRM at the link above to download both!


 Stick Figure Study of the Days of Creation from Grapevine Studies

Stick Figures the Days of Creation with your children. This is a fun way to teach one of the first lesson in the Bible!

Click where it says download free lesson


 Never Give Up! mp3 Download

by Hal & Melanie Young

It’s easy to get burned out, tired and overwhelmed homeschooling. As the years pass, how can we press on through the opposition of the world, the flesh and the devil and do what we know is right? This funny, hopeful and encouraging session looks at the importance of finishing what you’ve started and making it all the way to graduation.

$5 Value


Adjective Exchange Game (with Bonus Goodies) from Write Shop

Play the “Adjective Exchange Game” to give your children practice choosing interesting adjectives to use in their writing assignments. This activity focuses on the importance of replacing weak, dull words        with strong, colorful ones.

7 engaging ideas for Writing Activity Centers! Giving your kids interesting new writing activities helps them practice their writing skills in a fun, relaxed setting.

20 writing prompts for all ages

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