The Goal

Earlier this week we started our third class of “Boot Camp 9-12”, and we talked about our approach for training our boys. I explained it something like this:

The goal of all of this for our sons is to become young, strong, independent men, who can stand on their faith, and stand for God and Christ, come what may; who can do what God has called them to do, and be what God has called them to be.

Because we don’t really know what our sons are going to be called to face, and we don’t know what career God is going to bring them into or what opportunities or challenges they’ll encounter, we want to prepare them to be young men who have the faith and strength of character to say “Wherever God takes me, I’m going to rely on Him.”

We have to give them a vision:

“Your goal in life is not to be a teenager. Your goal is to become a man, and we’re giong to help you become a man. What are the characteristics of manhood? We want to look at these virtues, things like honor, diligence, courage, and integrity, things that even a young man like you can develop and practice in small ways around the house …”

"Show them how it's done."

If you’ve got a son in that crucial age between 9 and 12, when those changes you’re bracing for at 13 are actually cranking up, we think you’d enjoy the program we’ve got lined up. This week we talked about the emotional and mental changes which show up long before the first whisker appears, and next week, we’ll dive into how that affects their schoolwork–and what we can do about it! Why not join up with dozens of couples already on board? We’re meeting Mondays at 8:00 (Eastern), and we’d love to meet you online.

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