From South Carolina to Wisconsin!
Posted by Melanie in Travels

Dear Brethren,

We had a very good conference in South Carolina at the Teach Them Diligently Convention. Our session on “Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity” and the first getting started “Homeschooled from the Beginning” session were both packed out with folks on the floor. Despite the worst booth ever (seriously – you couldn’t see us until you were in it!), sales were pretty good.

Sunday night we had one of the MOMYS offer at the last minute to host us, so we had a nice visit with Dave and Erica Johns in Lancaster, KY …

Monday night we spoke in Toledo, Ohio, to a group of teens and their parents on Doing Real Things, which encourages teens to resist the low expectations of our culture and start being adults. We had some sweet fellowship with three families who’ve followed our ministry for awhile and could not have been more hospitable!

Last night, the Lord helped us to find super nice hotel rooms in Madison, Wisconsin by Priceline bid for only $41 each! We greatly enjoyed eating fried cheese curds at supper on the recommendation of Tim Irwin. Thanks, Tim! The guys think you ought to go into business and bring these treats to North Carolina: Irwin’s Curds. 🙂

Tonight, we’ll be staying with a family with all daughters who have followed our ministry since learning about it last year at a Gregg Harris conference put on by friends of ours in Texas. They live in very rural Minnesota.

Please be praying today as we complete an inventory of *everything* we’ll be bringing into Canada (yes, pens and receipt books, too) and tomorrow as we cross the border. It is much more complicated when you are bringing in commercial items and they have the right to make you unpack and open every box. Please pray they don’t and it goes smoothly and quickly and inexpensively.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

Hal & Melanie