What Happens When the Chef is Eleven Years Old…
Posted by Melanie in Boyhood, Fatherhood, Getting the Work Done

That sounds like the start to a funny, or maybe even disgusting story, doesn’t it? And we’ve seen a few of those, too. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the Skittles in the rollups for lunch. They were, uh, memorable. Last night, though, was memorable in another way…

“Mom, can I make quiche for dinner?” I was head down in the taxes, so I didn’t even really think about it. “Okay, whatever.” He later asked if he could use the mushrooms in the fridge and a few chicken breasts. Soon, the most incredible smell came wafting out of the kitchen. It smelled like a fine French restaurant. Suddenly, I was starved.

Dinner was exquisite. Incredible. Wonderful. That eleven year old chef took a quiche recipe from my favorite cookbook and decided to adapt it, adding chicken and baby bella mushrooms. I was so enraptured, I posted about it on Facebook and someone asked, “How do you get an 11yo to have an interest in making dinner?”

Well, we assign him to, I told her with a smile. We go through a rotation of chores and chef is one of them (I love to cook, but am pretty swamped with the business/ministry tax stuff this time of year). The chef either helps me or does it themselves. Eleven to twelve year old boys are aching to become adults and would far rather do it themselves than help me. I also give them pretty wide latitude to decide to what to make within the confines of what we have on hand. They love being able to make decisions and be creative.

It’s really amazing what our boys can accomplish when we’re too tired to realize he just asked if he could make something complicated and messy! Bahaha


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Thanks to Jessica of Hove, UK for the lovely quiche picture since we were so starved from smelling ours no one was willing to wait while we found the camera!
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