Hero Tales from American History
Posted by Hal in Contests, Facebook Party

If you’ve read our book or our blog, you know we’re fans of Theodore Roosevelt – a man who overcame crippling childhood illness to lead a strenuous adult life, taking a path of leadership in nearly everything he encountered. But before he went into politics, he was an ardent student of history, and in 1895 joined with his friend Henry Cabot Lodge to write a book to teach character from the pages of American history.

This book is entertaining on its own, but we thought it would be even better with sound effects – and so our audiobook series, Hero Tales From American History, was born! Read about it here.

This month we’re releasing the third CD in the series, and you could win the whole 3-CD set — we’re giving away two of them here. And if you order a set and then win one, we’ll refund your purchase!

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