A New Look at Sibling Relationships
Posted by Melanie in Family Life, Fatherhood

This morning over breakfast we had a very enlightening discussion. We asked the question,

“What purpose do you think God had in making you big brother to your little brothers and sisters? What do you think He wants you to accomplish in their lives?”

"Keep them safe."


“Why do you think God gave you as little brother or sister to your older brothers? What role do you think you should play in their lives?”

"Share memories."

Our six year old daughter was the first to respond, it’s usually easier for girls to think about relationships, it’s the way they are wired, but everyone eventually participated.


"Show them how it's done."


I was very interested to see their encouraging response when right after we broke up, a younger sibling cut himself with his pocketknife and got an emergency trip to the doctor. You know, telling about a missionary who gave himself an appendectomy wouldn’t have occurred to me as a way to calm down a boy getting stitches (guys really are different than girls :-), but it sure worked! Glad we had that talk!

"Teach them to love the Lord."