Our Summer Saved: Dry Pro Cast Cover Review
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Every June, we move the whole family down to Hal’s family’s Lake House for weeks of swimming, kayaking, snoozing in the hammock, and most importantly, writing! It’s our “happy place” — we spent the first three months of our marriage at the Lake a quarter of a century ago and it makes us happy to just be there. It’s pretty basic, most of the children camp out on the floor, but they still love it as much as we do. This year, it was the weekend we had planned to move down when our little daughter broke her arm.

She was in a lot of pain: “Honey, if zero is no pain, and ten is the worst you can imagine,” the nurse said. She quickly answered, “Ten.” On the little sad faces scale, she chose the one that looked like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” But that’s not what she was the most worried about. It was, “MOM, I WILL I BE ABLE TO SWIM AT THE LAKE?”

It was at the specialist’s office that I first gained some hope. I saw a brochure for Dry Pro cast protectors. It had a picture of a little girl swimming! I gave them a call and told them a little about us — and our two in casts — our little sweetie pie and her big brother Caleb who’d just had surgery and was in a leg cast. They said they would send us a cast cover for both of them so we could try them out!

The first day at the Lake, we didn’t have the covers yet and after listening to our normally sweet little girl whine about how hot is what and how she wished she could swim, I realized how seriously cheap these things are. By the end of the day, I think I’d have paid twice as much as they cost! The next day, she was overjoyed to open her package and try the DryPro out…

Okay, I'm gonna' try it!


Well, they saved our summer! They work! Wonderfully!

Ahhhh... bliss.

Our little sweetie pie went swimming every day, I think, and was happy as a clam. You choose the size based on the circumference of the arm above the cast and since she was casted up to her shoulder, she actually took an adult large size. When you pull it on, you just ooch the rest of it up their arm, then attach the bulb and suck all the air out. The vacuum seal will immediately show you if it were to start leaking at all.

Hey, this thing works.

Poor Caleb has been in a cast or a boot pretty much since January and now he’s got the other leg in a cast. This is the happiest I’ve seen him doing physical things since Christmas. He was ecstatic to be out with his brothers, especially since the air conditioning couldn’t keep up with the heat! Caleb’s cast cover did get a rip in it, but the Dry Corp immediately replaced it – they will replace it up to 90 days – they expect these things to last! Seriously, we had a new one less than 48 hours later. I wouldn’t worry about it happening under normal conditions, though. Caleb is a huge football player with an even more huge cast – and he was swimming in a lake – where there’s all sorts of stuff about. I see that as the extreme conditions to try this under.We had an itty bitty little girl with a big cast all the way to a big guy in a huge cast — and everyone is still completely dry!

What a blessing this thing has been!

That's a bit cooler.

Our Dry Pro cast protectors have also made showers and baths so much easier. I can’t believe we didn’t know about this all spring for Caleb.

They also make PICC line, ostomy, and prosthetic protectors for my friends fighting bigger battles than we are.

Got someone in a cast this summer? Click here to get Dry Pro right now in time for vacation!

Highly Recommended.

Dry Pro cast protectors, Dry Corp, $35.95-$40.95 Like them on Facebook, too.

We received free samples of this product in return for our always honest review.