Visual Psalms
Posted by Hal in Contests

Francis Schaeffer said that art has two components — the artist’s skill with the medium, and the content of the message he or she is communicating.  Leaf through the posters at your local Whale Mart and you find a lot of bad messages.  Some of the things sold in family bookstores have a great message, but mediocre execution.

Joan Rudder-Ward, though, hits both the nails squarely on the head.  Her gallery of “Visual Psalms” pairs up the Scripture — and what better message than that? — with absolutely beautiful photography of God’s creation.  The hummingbird at the left is just a sample.

Wouldn’t you like some uplifting, inspiring artwork for your home or office?  Here’s your chance!  Joan is offering a free Visual Psalm for one winner — so post a comment below for your chance to win!

Congratulations to Kristi! See the comment below!