SonBeams Memory Verse Songs
Posted by Hal in Contests

Even though we had a few precocious readers, we’re not big fans of the “Homeschooling From The Cradle To Create Super-Genius Kids” idea. Children need time to be, well, children. Don’t push them into formal schooling too early!

One great big exception, though, is talking to your children about God, Jesus, and the Bible — THAT, you should be starting early, and doing it constantly!

SONBeams has some great resources to help your “littles” learn God’s word and commit it to memory.  Candace Allgood is offering a free download of her  ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs, using passages from the KJV set to some really catchy music of all different styles.  If you’d like a set for your own, post a comment below and you may be our winner!

Congratulations to Barrett!! See the comment below!