Session Handouts for SHEM 2010 Online!
Posted by John Calvin in Conference News

If you attended our sessions at the SHEM 2010 conference in Springfield, Missouri, and were unable to get a copy of one of our handouts, we finally have them posted as promised at We hope you enjoy the rest of the conference today! Hal is doing The World, the Flesh, and the Young’uns [Protecting Your Wife In The Homeschooling Life] right now (if you missed it, you can pick up a CD at our table for $5 or here on the site at At 10:15 Melanie is doing Homeschooling High School (one of our most popular sessions), Just As I Am: Homeschooling Through Hard Times is at 11:45 with both Hal and Melanie onstage, and they’re at it again with Strengthening the Homeschool Marriage at 2:45. If you miss one of our sessions, we have all the CDs in the booth and online as well!

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