The Love of a Father and Mother in Haiti
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This morning in family devotions we were talking about the love of God for His people. Explaining it to our five year old, I said, “Do you know how much your Daddy loves you?” “Oh yes!” she replied. “Does your Daddy take care of you and keep you safe?” She heartily agreed. “Well, God loves us even more than our Daddies and Mommies love us!” This was hard for her to believe. We had to explain that we loved her all we possibly could, but that we were only human, still sinners, and God loves us with a perfect heart and endless power.

It is such a privilege to teach our children about the love of God through our love for them. When they are little we teach them about love as we take care of their needs and come when they call for us, as we keep them safe, and lead them to righteousness, disciplining sin and forgiving and restoring them. This is an incredible responsibility and great honor that should not be taken lightly.

I was reminded of this again when I read this story of Daphnee Plaisin and her husband Reginald Claude, who for days, combed through the rubble of their earthquake-collapsed home with their bare hands trying to reach their two year old son, Redjeson. They could hear his weakening cries and would not leave him, but kept trying to rescue him. What a picture of the love of God the Father, who at great cost to Himself, would not leave us in our sin, but died to save us. I’m sure Daphnee and Reginald would have cheerfully died to rescue their son, but thankfully, Spanish rescue workers came to their aid and Redjeson was saved in time! There is the loveliest picture of the little guy’s face when he first saw his mother and father. He looks like he is thinking, “There you are!  I knew you’d come!”  What a delight!
Here’s a little more about the heroes who rescued Redjeson.

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