Saving Money, Finding Treasure and Math – Today’s Celebration!
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We are so excited about the official release of Raising Real Men! This is something we have poured our lives into and it is very exciting to see God using it for His glory. It encourages us to read comments like:

“Just received the book over the weekend. By page 2 1/2 of the introduction I knew I had to read the entire book. By page 23 I was crying. So far, every paragraph begs for the next one to be read. And I don’t even have boys. God has blessed me with three girls.”  Ken Porter

“I’m hanging on to every morsel of this read, and finding it difficult to imagine that so many books have been published without scratching the surface that the Youngs do. So much practicality & truth packed into a easy-to-read format!” Angela Wheeler

Today’s freebie is hosted by Kap and Pen Publications.

The owner, Gail Kappenman is a gracious lady that puts ministry first in her business. She is offering us TWO freebies today!

These are difficult times. I know they are for our family! That’s one of the things we are really praising God for in bringing our book out now. With Hal’s cancer, the doctor said he would be able to work a half day at most and he would be unable to do the international engineering consulting that brings in a lot of our income at all. What a blessing that the Lord led us to write Raising Real Men now! Only He could have known that we would need this income now. He is so good!

“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.  Isaiah 65:24

Ever since we lived in Louisiana and learned about Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning (Yes, you can get it at Wal-Mart :-), beans and rice have been the mainstay of our hard times cuisine. Well, Gail tells us that we can do even better:

In this eBook, Gail Kappenman shares quick and easy recipes that will help us save money on our grocery bills. She even includes the cost per person (usually well under $1). It’s a $2.95 value and you get it free.

Hang on a second, though, because Gail is offering us another of her $2.95 eBooks free, too! She has a very interesting sounding title telling how to plan those treasure hunts that churches and clubs do. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m going to download a copy for my teens, it sounds like something they like might like to plan. Just email Kap & Pen at and grab these freebies.

I hope you’ll go check out their other products, too, though. I want a copy of their Bible Journal for myself! Parents of boys ought to consider The Young Man’s Handybook, especially. Written by Gail Kappenman and Martha Greene (MarmeeDear to many of us), it has cooking and kitchen help for boys as well as fishing, hunting, building, first aid and more. I have to confess, when I first glanced through it, I thought, “I don’t know…” mainly because they use silhouette illustrations of Victorian-looking boys like we ladies like so much. I wondered what the boys would think, so I handed it to my very manly 12 year old – the all-guy, outdoorsman one. Well, guess I was wrong. He loved it!  When I was looking for it the other day, I said, “Hey, does anybody know where The Young Man’s Handybook is?” He jumped up, “You mean that book that tells how to build a log cabin? Of course, I know where it is!” And that is probably the best endorsement I can give it.

Christian Perspective is graciously providing today’s contest prizes:

Beyond Numbers a Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically, by Katherine Loop, a homeschool graduate. This looks fascinating to me! I read James Nickel’s Mathematics: Is God Silent and was amazed by how much of the Lord’s character can be seen in math. I wondered at the time, though if someone who didn’t have the math background I do would be able to understand it. Katherine has stepped into that gap. James Nickels said that Beyond Numbers was “A great, general-purpose introduction for a typical parent.” Katherine is offering us two hard copies to give away with a value of $8.99!

BTW, Christian Perspective has a free monthly newsletter with a short story with a message, a homeschool tip, and more. Check out the archives and sign up on their site!

How can you win? One winner will be chosen from among Raising Real Men’s Facebook fans. To join our Facebook page, just click “Become a Fan” in the right sidebar or click on any Facebook in this paragraph 🙂

Another winner will be chosen from those who comment on this post. You can get extra entries by posting about this contest or Raising Real Men, on your Facebook wall, blog, forum, email loop, or Twitter and linking back here. Just put a link or cut & paste your post into a comment. Thanks so much for spreading the word for us – it’s a blessing to us!

We’ll announce the winner on Monday. We’ll be taking tomorrow off to worship. Have a lovely Sunday!

And, drumroll please, I’d like to announce the winners of yesterday’s contest to win one of two ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs: Lindsey Hoy, from the comment section, and Hannah Crouch, one of our Facebook fans. Congratulations!  Also, I just checked and dear Candace at SonBeams has left the link live for us and you can still grab yesterday’s freebie. Thank you, Sonbeams!