Cool Headed Dad
Posted by Hal in Civilization, Family Life, Fatherhood

Wow.  A dramatic story from Haiti – a father of two, trapped and seriously injured in a collapsed building, kept calm, treated his own wounds, improvised solutions to immediate problems, then wrote bloodstained letters of Christian counsel to his sons.  He was pulled from the wreckage after 65 hours.

Writing the notes to his wife and children wasn’t easy, the deeply religious man said.

“Boy, I cried,” he admitted. “Obviously, no one wants to come to that point. I also didn’t want to just get found after having some time — God gave me some time — to think and to pray and to come to grips with the reality. I wanted to use that time to do everything I could for my family. If that could be surviving, get out, then I would. If it could be just to leave some notes that would help them in life, I would do that.”

Just wow.  NBC’s “Today” show has the story online.