Bearing One Another’s Burdens
Posted by Melanie in Entrepreneurship, Family Life

Hey guys, some of you may be familiar with Jeff & Kate Estes of Hands and Hearts history kits and their awesome blog but we didn’t meet them until last year when they reached out to help us deal with the financial aftermath of our little Katie’s heart problem. Their love and good counsel was a critically important part of God’s provision for us. Well, they knew how to reach out to us because of what they have been through.

Their absolutely adorable 3yo, Noah is suffering from the terrible and usually terminal mitochondria disease and spends at least half his time in the hospital. They have struggled and struggled since Jeff was laid off in 2006 and their Hands & Hearts business was stopped temporarily by the CPSIA regulations this spring. They are a fine, Christian family who endured a series of blows that would have taken down any family and now they have got to make some changes to keep going. When their fellow Christian publishers heard what was going on, we all jumped in to try to help. Check out this incredible way you can bless the Estes family and get nearly 10X your donation back in gifts from Christian publishers:  Amazing Homeschool Deal