Homemaking Cottage’s Shiloah Baker Reviews our Book on Raising Boys
Posted by Melanie in Praise for RRM

Writing duo and Christian parents of eight children, six of them being boys, Hal and Melanie Young know and live what they write about in the book Raising Real Men. Through their years of experience and success in bringing up these boys, ages currently ranging from 7 to adult, they have become experts in their field.

Raising Real Men includes the recipe with the important ingredients to raising Christian, bold, strong and brave men who are willing to make a difference in this world. They answer questions such as, “Why should one allow young boys to be rough and tumble” and “How to influence and teach our sons life’s most important principles during the impressionable years.”

I especially appreciated the chapter “Who’s in Charge Here” explaining Biblical leadership and how to teach our sons to one day be Godly leaders.  The Young’s carefully explain how to teach this principle such as public speaking opportunities, starting when they are small, and how we should be the Godly leaders we wish to see our son’s emulate.

This is an excellent read for parents who are raising one or more boys hoping to shape them into strong, righteous, real men.

Shiloah Baker

Homemaking Cottage