World’s Oldest Man, 113, Remembered the Sacrifices of WWI Comrades
Posted by Hal in Courage, Heroes

Henry Allingham of Birmingham, England, died recently at age 113, officially designated the oldest man living at the time.  He was one of the founding members of the Royal Air Force and spent the later years of his life reminding this generation of the sacrifices of the men in “The Great War”:

The scenes he witnessed of soldiers waiting to go over the top at Ypres have stayed with him ever since.

“They would just stand there in two feet of water in mud-filled trenches, waiting to go forward,” he said. “They knew what was coming. … I don’t think they have ever got the admiration and respect they deserved.”

It’s a great illustration of doing what has to be done, even if it seems hopeless, and he’s right, it’s worthy of honor. 

Born in 1896 during the reign of Queen Victoria, Allingham is survived by numerous descendents including one great-great-great grandchild – in other words, before his death there were six generations still living in his family.  His obituary appeared in the U.K. Telegraph, here.