‘s Heather Idoni: “I love the book!!”
Posted by Hal in Praise for RRM

“I am learning to dance!  Not ballet, jazz or tap, but the ‘dance’ of a mother who is raising young roosters.  Being a mom of boys is a challenge and a joy — but it can also be bewildering as they reach up into adulthood and begin to cut the apron strings.  I’m becoming an expert at this special mom-boy dance — stepping in sync both backward, forward, and sideways to get out of the way of those big feet which unintentionally seem to land on my own.

Hal and Melanie Young have their finger on the pulse of what it takes to grow confident, strong, godly young men who will be ready to take on the world at a young age. Mothers of boys who read Raising Real Men will be challenged and affirmed in this dance, learning to co-mentor our sons as they move toward their callings and divine destinies, being launched, one by one, like flaming arrows into eternity.”

Heather Idoni