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We’d love to share two videos you may find helpful —

Your Marriage and Your Kids  << CLICK TO VIEW

Does your marriage affect your kids? You bet. It affects them profoundly. It impacts their security, their identity, and their sense of worth. Beyond that, our marriage toolkit will be the one our kids reach for in their own marriages. Come take a look at your own marriage toolbox, pick up a few new tools, and learn five ways to tune up your marriage to make it even better for you and your children. Give them a legacy that will help them build a good marriage.

Romance for The Exhausted << CLICK TO VIEW

In the flurry of work, homeschooling, church, and extracurricular activities, romance and physical affection can sometimes seem like unattainable dreams. How can you find the energy for romance? Revive your marriage and enjoy your relationship more every year!



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