The Best Printer Ever

For years, the days before a conference were marked by horrible fights with our printer (whichever it was at the time) as we tried to print the signage and newsletter cards and all the things we were going to need. Paper jams, messed up ink cartridges, needing new cartridges, printing stripes, and printer errors, it was always something. Then someone recommended an Epson Eco-Tank. And our troubles were pretty much over.

We’ve had this printer for 3 years now and have printed tens of thousands of pages and have had almost no trouble. And there are no cartridges — you heard right — no cartridges! Instead, you get these great big bottles of ink to fill up the printer’s tank with. We saved over $1200 the first year! It comes with enough ink to last most people more than a year!

Here’s our affiliate link. When you use it, we receive a small commission and it costs you nothing extra at all! We bought the ET-3700, but it’s been superseded by other models now.

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