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Hal and Melanie SugarLoaf Web (c)2009We have got a fantastic freebie for you today! We’re Hal and Melanie Young, the authors of Raising Real Men, and we’re going to give you a free download of one of our most popular workshops, one we’ve never offered as a freebie! It’s called Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity and it deals with some of the most important issues our children are facing. It’ll tell you how to teach your sons about sexuality from a Biblical perspective, how to protect them from dangers around them, and how to protect them from internet porn (and what to do if you find out they’ve been there).

Before we give you the download, here are some other resources that can help you in this area:

Raising Real Men Cover3rdPrintingOur book, Raising Real Men, Christian Small Publishers Book of the Year, has more information about boys, purity, and finding a wife, as well as all sorts of other topics, too. We have six sons ourselves and this is the book we couldn’t find when we were raising them!

“Just what the doctor ordered…” – Parenting columnist John Rosemond, author of Parenting by the Book

“Raising Real Men is long overdue… this book is a breath of fresh air.” – Dr. Tedd Tripp, Author, Shepherding a Child’s Heart

That’s not enough, though! We highly recommend that you get accountability software on every internet capable device in your home. Well over 90% of young men are exposed to internet pornography before they are 18! Covenant Eyes is the service we use ourselves (and have for many years). Click here for our post on the recent Miley Cyrus scandal that shows why it is so important you put protection on your devices and click here for our review of Covenant Eyes.

We wouldn’t be without it in our house! If you decide to sign up with Covenant Eyes, would you click over from our site? When they found out how we were recommending them all over North America when we spoke, they offered to support our ministry when folks came to them through our referral. We really appreciate it – things like this help keep us going!


Here’s Shining Armor:

Shining Armor ArtMost purity resources these days focus on girls, but purity tends to be a much bigger problem for young men and many seem hopelessly naïve about the battles our sons are facing. How can you teach your boys to guard their hearts and keep them pure? How can you help them to fight temptation in a world full of inappropriate images? How can you help them make the transition from “It’s not time to think about that…” to finding a wife? Come hear the parents of six sons give you frank, practical advice on raising your son to be a virtuous knight.

Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity $7 in CD, $4 Download, FREE TODAY!

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