Workshops on Homeschooling

We’ve homeschooled our own children for nearly two decades, and we’ve faced a lot of challenges during that time. These workshops will give you practical, real-life help from starting out with preschoolers to getting them graduated. Get some encouragement! Mp3 Downloads are only $4 each! Scroll to the bottom to check out.


Homeschooled from the Beginning CD Art with ShadowHomeschooled From the Beginning: What to Do When Your Children are Young

(Melanie) A Favorite for Parents of Preschoolers You’ve made the decision–your child will be homeschooled from Day One. Good for you! But should you start at a young age? Is it wise to even try? How do you know when to get started and what to do first? Melanie Young has raised precocious readers and late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. This session can give you a new perspective on how to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way.



Im Not So Sure About This CD Art with ShadowI’m Not So Sure About This: Answers to What Worries You About Homeschooling

(Hal) So your mate wants to homeschool your children, but you are full of questions, concerns and uneasiness.Will they get into college? Can they find a job? Will they have any friends? What about sports? Will we be weird? Hal has answered the concerns of hundreds of new homeschoolers and he’ll help you find out the truth and figure out what’s best for your family.



Three Simple Goals CD Art with ShadowThree Simple Goals for Your First Year

(Melanie) Over years of calls from new homeschoolers, Melanie Young learned that there were three things that successful families accomplished in their first year of homeschooling. Learn how to make through the challenges of your first year without jerking anybody bald-headed – including yourself!




Homeschooling a Houseful CD Art with ShadowHomeschooling a Houseful: Teaching All Different Ages

(Melanie) Sometimes homeschooling feels like one of those plate-spinning acts and you wonder how in the world you are going to meet everyone’s needs. The baby needs to be changed, the toddler is playing in the toilet, your high schooler is impatiently waiting for you to help with his biology experiment, and two other children say, “I can’t do anything else without you, Mom.” Melanie Young, mother of eight (ages 19 to infant), shares encouragement and ideas for how to keep all of those plates spinning at once without your life spinning out of control. Learn how to raise independent learners, how to keep the household moving, and how to make sure the little ones get enough attention.


Surviving Struggling to Read CD Art with ShadowSurviving Struggling to Read

(Melanie and our son, Samuel) What do you do when it’s not that easy? When reading isn’t happening when you thought it would? Hear from a mother and son who’ve been there. Melanie and her son, Samuel, who finally learned to read well at 11, talk about the struggle and give you practical encouragement and hope for the future.



Homeschooling is Not Enough CD Art with ShadowHomeschooling Is Not Enough

Because none of it will matter if they don’t follow Christ. Many homeschoolers hope and pray that because they’ve homeschooled their children will turn out all right, but unfortunately, we are seeing a number of homeschooled children turning away from God in rebellion. We can’t make our children serve Christ, but we can make sure we aren’t standing in the way! Find out about the power of delighting in your children and loving them as Christ loves us. Learn how to shepherd them through the challenging teen years as they learn to make the faith their own! One of our most popular workshops.


Homeschooling High School CD Art with ShadowHomeschooling High School and Transcripts

(Melanie) Thoughts of high school tend to make even veteran homeschoolers shake in their boots. Scary memories about confusion in algebra class and dissecting frogs make you wonder if you can really do this. Come learn how to plan it, how to do it and even how to tell the rest of the world with a top notch transcript. Melanie Young will help you figure out what they need to take, how to do the classes you are not so sure about (or are sure you can’t) and what records you need to keep. High school can be the most important formative years for your child. Don’t give up now! This workshop will leave you prepared for and excited about high school at home!

Never Give Up CD Art with ShadowNever Give Up: The Critical Importance of Finishing What You’ve Started

It’s easy to get burned out, tired and overwhelmed homeschooling and as the years pass. How can we press on through the opposition of the world, the flesh and the devil and do what we know is right? This funny, hopeful and encouraging session looks at the importance of finishing what you’ve started and making it all the way to graduation.



Aiming at College CD Art with ShadowAiming for College

(Melanie) Sometimes our sons will need a college degree and we’ve all been asked, “But can they get into college?” The answer is a resounding yes! Homeschoolers not only get in, but they are often highly recruited and are offered scholarships as well! Come find out how to : choose colleges, make a college visit count, apply for admission and scholarships, demonstrate your record, get financial aid, and decide on a college. Get filled in on all those mystifying things: ECs, FAFSA, PROFILE, ACT, SAT, AP, CC, and CommonApp. Melanie Young has served for many years on scholarship committees and has spent the last few years helping her son and others through the admissions process. Now she’d like to help you!


Workshop mp3 Downloads are $5 $4 each.

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