Real Swiss Army Knives are a Rite of Passage


The Original Swiss Army Knife

A pocket knife is a boy’s first “man’s tool” and we make a big deal of it in our family. When our sons reach an age old enough to handle a knife responsibly, we require them to memorize the knife rules to demonstrate they understand the importance of using this tool correctly and safely.

In 1897, the Victorinox Company, supplier of knives to the Swiss Army, invented the multi-tool pocketknife we know as the Swiss Army knife. You can give your son a manly tool and a piece of history, too–the knife that has meant young manhood for over 100 years!

Get the Knife Rules, too!

The Recruit contains:

  • Large Blade
  • Small Blade
  • Can Opener with Small Screwdriver (Also for Phillips Screws)
  • Bottle Opener with Large Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper
  • Key Ring
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick

Size: 3-1/4 inches

In the traditional red with the Swiss cross and shield emblem


Retail Price – $19.50 –
Our Price – $15!

Every knife comes with a copy of our Knife Rules for your son to memorize and prove he knows how to use a knife safely!

And if you’d like a different knife, a smaller size which goes well on a key ring, here’s The Classic SD:

The Classic SD includes:

  • Small blade
  • Scissors
  • Nail file with screwdriver tip
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Key ring

Size: 2-1/4 inches

Retail Price – $18.00 –
Our Price – $13.00

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