“Aiming For College” Boot Camp

Got a college-bound high school junior or senior?

Know what all this means:

FAFSA, ACT, CommonApp, PROFILE, Recs, SAT, CC?

Even if you do, have you thought about how to help them choose?

John Calvin Dining In College
With Friends At Oxford University

It would have been so much easier when we helped our adult sons prepare for college if we could have sat down with someone who’d been there before and just soaked up all their wisdom. It would have been even better if we could have asked them all our questions, too. Guess what? We’ve scheduled one of our tremendously popular Boot Camp LIVE webinar series just for students and parents aiming at getting in and getting funding for college!In our LIVE Boot Camps, you’ll log in online and not just hear us, but see us on video, watch our slides, be able to chat with other attendees, AND ask us questions throughout the workshops and afterwards, too! It’s like joining us in our living room once a week for a good, long chat with folks who’ve helped their children and others apply to elite colleges and get great scholarships.


We’ll be discussing:

How Do You Decide Where to Apply?

Safeties, Matches, and Reaches

How to Make a College Visit Count

Judging the Spiritual Climate of a College

Study Abroad

Making an Effective Transcript

Resumes, Essays, and Interviews: Your Chance to Shine

Choosing and Preparing(!) your Recommenders

Navigating the Financial Aid Maze

Applying for Scholarships

Scholarship MUSTS

Fee Waivers

Tax Consequences of Scholarships

Work Study, Pell Grants, and Much, Much More


A First Time Exclusive ONLY available to Attendees and our Private Clients

Private Client Template Pack



College Application Minder Spreadsheet

Financial Aid Spreadsheet

How to Write a Recommendation Letter (to give to your recommenders)

and MORE, all for you to use!


Sign up now for our four week LIVE webinar series on Monday evenings,

beginning August 21th for only $74


$25 Early Bird Discount for a Limited Time, so only $49!

This is seriously a great deal, friends. We charge a minimum of $100 for private consultations

and this is like getting four of them, just in a small group.