Thank you!

Whether or not you decided to make a donation to our Translation and International Outreach Fund, we thank you for your concern and your prayer support. We promise to use any donations toward translating and editing translations of Raising Real Men, printing foreign language editions and reaching out to both expatriate Americans and foreign nationals with our message of Biblical family life.

Some of the things we’ve done already:

Donated books to Christian libraries overseas.

Given books to missionary and foreign national families unable to afford them.

Initiated a Dutch translation.

We work with Lifework Forum to encourage and support international homeschooling families.

You are a part of this important ministry. Thank you!

Donations to the Great Waters Press Translation and International Outreach Fund are NOT tax deductible. We have not sought 501(c)3 status in order to preserve our freedom of speech and action.

However, this is a business as mission company and we are committed to using our business opportunities to serve the Lord in every venue possible. Our workshop downloads and website have reached 122 countries!