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Hal and Melanie Archway CroppedHi, we’re Hal and Melanie!  We love the holidays! Even with all the stress, they’re a great opportunity to build unity with precious memories that will always draw our children’s hearts to home — and to the Lord! We’ve got some great deals on resources to help you raise godly children, have a great marriage, and manage your home — and enjoy it, too!

Why not buy Christmas gifts that change lives instead of things that will be worn out or broken? Check out our book for parents of boys, our great workshop CDs for your friends, and our character-building gifts for boys, too.

Here are some resources we think you’ll like:


Hero Tales 12345 with Shadow small Hero Tales from American History,  written by Theodore Roosevelt to teach character to American kids, we turned them into audiobooks with sound effects, because history is way better with cannonfire and screaming mobs!
 Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up Front Covers  This classic audiobook is a hilarious attitude-changer! Pollyanna is a favorite of all of us – boys, girls, children, teens, adults. It made us all more grateful! Our version has historical music, too.
 Hand and a Half Sword  Practice/Training Swords are the same heft and balance of metal swords of the same size, but they can really learn to sword fight without splitting each others’ skulls open! These are a huge favorite of teens and up in our house.
 Big M-16 Rubberband Gun  We also have a whole bunch of incredibly fun Rubberband Guns and Wooden Swords. Encourage your boys to become protectors!
 Promised Land Set Front Covers  These award-winning historical novels written by a homeschool graduate will make the Old Testament come alive for your children! They’ll especially love our new A Cry From Egypt Radio Theatre, with over FIFTY actors and an original score!
 Geology Detective 40 Rock Mineral  Imagine Rock & Mineral Collections with specimens big enough to actually experiment on. Geology Detective Kits are the best you’ll find to spark interest in science in your guys.
 Truthseekers Novels 2790672  High adventure novels that teach science? You bet! The Truthseekers series teach a boatload of Creation science and they’ll never even notice.
 Coming Soon  We’ll be announcing several new resources and some great deals to our newsletter subscribers in the next few weeks!


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