August 2009

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Raising Real Men:  Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys will go to print in just a few weeks but you can make your pre-publication order now and get one of the first copies off the press!

  • Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio calls it “wonderful, warmhearted, and practical… a must-read for any parent blessed with boys.”
  • Douglas Wilson, author of Future Men, wrote, “In a time when our culture seems intent on emasculating our boys, it is a real pleasure to find Christians who are pushing back, responding with biblical answers. Raising Real Men … is earthy, realistic, humorous and scriptural.”
  • Author of Parenting By The Book and syndicated columnist John Rosemond said, “This is just what the doctor ordered for parents who want to raise capable Christian men of character.”

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Federal Numbers Suggest Fewer Homeschooled Boys? Dr. Al Mohler, head of Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY, observed in his blog that the latest Department of Eduation surveys show a smaller percentage of boys being homeschooled — 42%, instead of the near 50% usually seen. He asks if this indicates families giving up on homeschooling sons? Maybe, but maybe not. Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute pointed out to me that the federal sample was only 290 homeschoolers, and his research doesn’t support that large a shift in just four years.

Question of the month: Here’s a homeschooling question — if you are teaching both boys and girls at home, did you decide to homeschool them for different reasons? Are those reasons still valid or have they changed or faded? Send your thoughts to or post them on our Facebook page.

Book and presentations spark tremendous response in Phoenix: Hal and Melanie were featured speakers at the convention of the Arizona Families for Home Education in July. Crowds in nearly every session filled or exceeded capacity — the core workshop, “Ballistic Homeschooling”, attracted nearly three times the expected audience. Our booth was mobbed — we sold out of nearly everything we took and had a stack of CD orders to make and ship when we got home. Thanks Arizona and AFHE for a fantastic reception!

Three reasons you need to be on Facebook: (1) You can keep track of what your teenaged sons and their friends are up to. (2) The 25-45 year old demographic group is absolutely exploding on Facebook — it’s a great way to find old friends from home, college or former employers, and share how you’ve changed since then. (3) You can join the conversation at the Raising Real Men fan page — already 300 members and growing! When you get your account, be sure and visit us at

Audio Books for Boys: In our book we recommend audiobooks to provide even young boys and struggling readers with lively fiction that illustrates godly manhood and challenges them to strive for noble goals. The whole family can enjoy recorded books together, even when traveling. Our friend Jim Hodges has great MP3 recordings of G.A. Henty’s novels and other interesting books, and this month he’s offering several titles from Lamplighter Publishing — the Boys of Grit series and True Stories of Great Americans for Young Americans — at a special price. These will be going off the market soon so he’s encouraging people to order while they’re available. You can see his website for more details.

“Gloryosky! That’s Why I’m A Jerk!” – So went the lyric in Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. So it goes for TIME magazine. Recently reporter John Cloud reviewed a study by the National Institute for Mental Health which looked into the way boys’ and girls’ brains responded to anticipated social interaction. It appears that when thinking about potential friend-making opportunities, girls’ brains showed increased activity in the areas dealing with motivation, “social learning”, and emotions. Boys, on the other hand, not so much; if anything, their emotive areas slowed down. The best interpretation seemed to be that girls are made for focused one-on-one relationships, while boys are geared for competition rather than “interaction”. After a reasonably balanced article, TIME suddenly concludes that “boys are cads because they’re not wired to be any other way,” an offensive throwaway line that presupposes there’s something wrong with God’s design for young men. No, there’s more likely something wrong with TIME.

Did you get an advance copy? If you have a review copy of Raising Real Men, we’d love to hear your comments and any errors you may have caught. The final revisions before the commercial printing run will be finished in just a few weeks so please, drop us a note at Thanks tremendously!

A last word…We are grateful you have welcomed us into your lives. We recognize what a privilege that is and we want to use the opportunity to equip and encourage you as you raise real men for Christ. Please pass this newsletter on. We need strong leaders for the generation to come!
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