Making Biblical Family Life Practical – the podcast!


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149 Giving Good Gifts To Your Children
150 Unpleasant People at Thanksgiving
151 Caroling Your Neighbors
152 Hosting the Holidays
153 Balancing “Perfect” with Family
154 A Christ-Centered New Year (repeat)
155 Teaching Your Kids to Be Content
156 Getting School Started After the Holidays
157 Surviving Teaching Math
158 Homeschooling Very Young Children
159 Healthy Guy-Girl Relationships
160 Warning Signs of Porn Use
161 Losing Religion, Finding Grace (with Kendra Fletcher, Lost and Found)
162 Modesty
163 Apprenticeship (with Ken Auer of Role Model Software)
164 When You Need To Find A New Church
165 Getting a Bigger Vision of God ( with Bob Sjogren of UnveilinGLORY)
166 How and Why to Celebrate
167 Family Travel on a Budget
168 Family Travel – Eat Cheap on the Road
169 Laying a Foundation for Marriage
170 Building or Rebuilding to Become a Better Husband
171 Better Relationships with Your Kids
172 Kids and Smart Phones
173 Hard Conversations
174 Body Image and Family  – and What to Do About Them
175 Important Stuff We Forget to Teach
176 Bullies and What to Do About Them
177 Preteens and Spiritual Doubt
178 Teen Boys Who Hate School
179 Boy-Friendly Homeschooling
180 Emergency Homeschooling
181 Talking to Your Kids About Disasters
182 The College Application Dance
183 Breaking Up Like A Christian
184 Smart Kids Who Struggle
185 Doing Ministry With Your Kids Along

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